Ludena Protocol

Kanimal Clash is the first P2E game developed and published by Ludena Protocol.

Ludena Protocol is a Game-Fi Social Platform where users can earn money by playing games, staking, trading NFTs, or other game related activities such as live streaming, writing community posts, helping other players, scholarship program, etc.

We have our Game-Fi social platform on mobile DApp(GameTalkTalk) with over 3 Million+ downloads in the PlayStore, recently launched the new Ludena Wallet DApp(Polygon Network) and staking platform(LP, Single, Staking), and are ready to launch the NFT Marketplace and P2E Game, Kanimal Clash.

Through Ludena Wallet on Polygon Network, which essentially connects all of our platforms together, we have successfully created the ultimate P2E game ecosystem on blockchain for global users.

Ludena Protocol's goal of creating the ultimate blockchain platform for gamers, game developers, and guilds through Ludena’s ecosystem is completed with our last puzzle piece, P2E game. Throughout various platforms developed and published by Ludena Protocol; staking platform, NFT marketplace, guild, and numerous P2E games; We want to provide revolutionary user experience on blockchain through our ecosystem and create the ultimate P2E Metaverse.

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