Background Story

The Kingdom of Animal Clash

Kanimal Clash : Kingdom of Animals Clash!


It's the year 2152 AD. A new Golden age for humanity has been born. The rise of advanced technology and anti-depressive wonder drugs has allowed many people globally to become extremely intelligent and vibrant with an increased lifespan of hundreds of years.

In leading this scientific breakthrough with immense political power is the biotech company run by a secret organization that has been ruling the world secretly behind all doors for centuries. The H.I.P (Happy Innovation Pharmaceuticals). However, their power was short-lived when a technological feat brought their demise, bringing down human civilization and giving rise to The Kingdom of Animals.

Who is The HIP?

They are known in the history books as the Happy Human Society, a separate sect of the enlightened ones. This secret society is based on scientific principles and forced all humanity to live happily. The HIP’s goals were to oppose depression, anger, and passive people. They believed dark traits in human personality caused riots, looting, and chaos in the world. After years of war against negative, annoying, narcissistic, and passive leaders for the betterment of humanity, the HIP had overtaken the world with a wonder drug that made everyone efficient, cheerful, and healthy. After centuries of breakthroughs and achievements, this so-called secret society came to light and paved the way for a golden age. They created new super drugs that removed all negative, dark traits in people, allowing them to live longer. It completely changed the way people lived…. After a while, their power ranks grew after the Corona Pandemic in the early 21st Century. Since they were the ones who helped eradicate the virus.


After a century of dominance over government and elites, the HIP grew corrupt and became selfish in their ways and started innovating new drugs to live an immortal life. Their plan was to control the world eternally. Thus, a group of top scientists and biomedical elites spent countless days and nights finding a miraculous drug for eternal life. However, for their experiment to be successful, they had to use the blood of cute young baby animals. Their experiment consisted of splicing and cutting healthy genes and connecting them to old and dying ones. However, their process was gruesome, and the cute, cuddly baby mammals were treated as nothing more than a product, caged in terrible conditions without a sense of empathy. Millions died during the process.

The highly secretive experiment was tight-lipped in this era where all living things were precious, and anyone who leaked this information was killed or imprisoned. No one dared to go against the HIP.

In 2200 AD, after many years of research with millions of test subjects, the HIP has made a breakthrough. The perfect cure for mortality was a specific gene from an underwater sea jellyfish called Turritopsis with an advanced pure-blooded gene from a young lion. The scientist shouted in joy, and the corrupt elites were ready to control the world forever. But to be sure, they injected the holy grail into a myriad of animals without considering the risks involved, overshadowed by greed and power.

The Fall of Mankind

After weeks of intensive testing, a young biomedical scientist named Kenneth Kim was going about his business, checking and doing his daily routines. Then, to his surprise, one of his favorite lovable test subjects B401LC, which was a young baby Lion cub, spoke.

B401LC: "Dada!"

With a shock of the moment, he went up to the cub and grabbed the cage.

Kenneth Kim: "Did you just call me Dada?"

B401LC: “Yes Dada”.

He opened the cage with a frowned face and grinning mouth and placed him on his lap.

Kenneth Kim: “Can you……can you understand me?” The baby cub smiled with his big cute eyes and said,

B401L: “Yes, dada, and I am hungry.”

Suddenly the cute big-eyed, chubby, tubby, cuddly lion turned vicious and bit Kenneth’s nose. The lion jumped out of Kenneth’s lap and ran away. In agony and pain, Kenneth ran out the door.

The other researchers saw what happened, flew to the scene, and tried to help him.

Kenneth started gagging. Blood started spewing out from his mouth, eyes, ears, and nose. A few moments later, he began coughing horrendously, and the other scientists around him started to collapse one by one. Then, all of them began turning vicious; their teeth changed into vampire-like predatory beings. They all laughed like a psycho killer with a nasty smile like Joker in batman and bit the crap out of everyone that wasn’t infected.

It is now 2210 AD, and the once-prosperous happy world was no more. Instead, the world is covered with the stench of humans lying dead with their guts ripped out of their bodies. The few surviving humans tried desperately to survive. They used nuclear weapons and every military arsenal to eradicate the vile beings that were fast as a cheetah and 20 times more powerful than a tiger. Finally, however, the last hope for humanity vanished as the world became barren without food due to radioactive air and scorched skies.

B401LC, the lion that changed everything

The hostile baby cub who fled the young scientist's hands started opening the cages of other animals one by one. Surprisingly, the other animals were unfazed as they too helped each other escape and started to speak in a language made by men. It seems as though they have been planning this all along.

As time passed, these so-called experimental animals had diverse intelligence and extreme strength that surpassed any recorded mammal in the history books. All of them seemed to have a sixth sense of their own and the unique ability to fight strategically. Finally, these 11 unique manufactured lab rats grew in numbers and started parting ways into their lands across the barren fields of the earth.

Kingdom of Animals Rises

It’s now the year 100 A.E, otherwise known as 100 Animal Era. The dawn of the Animal world in which human time no longer exists.

The animals now occupy most of the lands and have their own religions and laws. They have burned all remnants of human civilization that once stood tall and robust except for two books that changed the history of Mankind; “The Art of war” for physical combat and “Lost book of Elements” to increase the power of Elemental strength. They also have jobs that distinguishes physical strength and magical abilities.

It is once said, to acquire the power of the five elementals of Earth, all living things needed to harness the power of the Holy land, deep within mother nature.

The children of mammals studied the “art of warfare and the power of elements." Some of them learned unique abilities that let them fly in combat while others could attack from underground. They all had different special skills and elemental mastery to help them triumph.

The Kingdom of Animal is comprised of 11 houses or clans. Each of them is the direct descendant of the test subjects created by man. They include the house of Lion, raccoon, tiger, Rabbit, Cat, Bear, Cow, Sheep, Fox, Goat, Rat, Deer, Panda, Monkey.

As their numbers grew, each clan devised ways to conquer each other. Some were fighting for land, while others were just predatory. However, they all had one ultimate goal: to take over the Holy Land, where Adam and Eve were once born; the biblical land of Paradise. Those who controlled Paradise would have absolute power.

Once forgotten and unknown to men, the Holy Land had elemental powers that can give any mammal wisdom and absolute power. The closer they got to it, the more power they had. During the dawn of men, the snake that tricked Adam and Eve was able to speak the language of men due to the energy of The Paradise.

So the story begins… a new war has started among The Kingdom of Animals, and those who conquered Paradise controls all.

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