Token Use-Case

Where can i use YAC token?

  • In-game item purchases such as Game Character Upgrades, Structure upgrades, profile decoration, item purchases that will be used in battle, NFT Land sales, and upgrades

  • Breeding NFTs in YAC

  • NFT burning

  • Staking

  • Purchase and Pay Yac Tokens to participate in the Tournament

  • Random Character swap fee. Swap NFTs to get a better NFT or Worse ( random choice )

  • YAC can be swapped with LDN in order to purchase coupons for daily practical use

Tournaments and YAC token usage By expanding the range of season ranking rewards and allowing as many users as possible to receive rewards by rank, we aim to engage more users before the season ends and continue to induce more competition. In addition, there are restrictions on participation in the rankings so that all users can participate fairly by placing restrictions on participation in the rankings.

YAC Token Sale for Additional Season Ranking Match Participation

Players can only participate in Ranked Matches 10 times a day, if they want to participate more

They must “purchase the right to participate in the ranking with YAC tokens” in the store.

The right to participate in the ranking is sold on a time basis, allowing players to continue competing in the ranking tournament within a limited time.

Various buff items

Kanimal Clash strengthening buff items that can shorten the game-winning time in the shop

Item Type

Attack power increased by 2-5%, physical strength increased by 2-5%, movement speed increased by 2-5%, attack speed increased by 2-5%, wall health increased by 2-10%, cannon attack power increased by 2-5% By applying the random lottery system, you can acquire the above items randomly when consuming YAC tokens.

Induce the purchase of various buff items to win more within the limited time of the season ranking participation ticket

“Season Ranking with many rewards -> Limited number of participations in Ranked Matches -> Purchase of tickets to participate in Ranked Matches for additional seasons -> Need to win a lot within a limited time -> Induce purchase of various buff items”

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